Purple drank is derived from many different sources, including codeine and morphine. Lean, also called purple drank and various other names, is an illegal narcotic drink, usually prepared by mixing hard candy with a soda and prescription-quality cough syrup. The concoction gained popularity in the urban music or those who live in the south. This drink is also called purple drank, legal drank, or purple syrup. It can be mixed with any flavor syrups, but it is commonly purple in color.

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To make this drink, corn syrup, caffeine, water, honey, orange peel, and sugar are mixed in a stainless steel pot. As the mixture boils and froths, the mixture will form a thick foam. The foam is called the “purple stuff.” Legal drinks are still legal in some parts of the United States; however, this beverage is not legal everywhere. If you want to drink this beverage and have no problems, you can easily get it over the counter in many states.

Lean is more potent than most soda, especially diet. Many people believe that when they have a meal, they would prefer diet pop over the regular drinks because of the taste. People who do not like diet pop may find this drink very appealing, as it does taste like the real thing.

Though there are many variations of this beverage, one drink stands out. The name of the drink is Purple drank lean. This drink has none of the sugar found in regular soda and more of the punch than coffee, though it does not contain just caffeine. The taste of this drink is more like grape juice. Some people have said that it tastes just like a really good V8.

Though purple drank lean is still not legal in all places, you can still buy the product online. If you live near a college campus, you can buy packets of the drink and bring them with you to class. Many colleges actually allow the consumption of this beverage on campus to show support for the team.

For many people, this drink is very appealing. However, not all people can afford to buy this beverage. If you want to drink this beverage but cannot afford to buy the legal version, you can try to make your own. You can make it at home in your kitchen. Even though it is not legal in all places, you can get around that by making it yourself.

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