The Blog Startup – Proven Strategies To Launch Smartly and Exponentially Build Your Online Business, Brand, And Audience Without Crying Or Losing Your Mind. Are you ready to begin a new blog and online business and are still feeling confused? If so, it’s time you learned how to successfully launch a blog that will generate more income than you can even imagine and at the same time keep you sane!

Blog Startup

First, you need to do what all bloggers do and what every blogger should do. You need to get yourself organized and make sure you have everything in place before you begin blogging. That means you need to create a blog template and website, find a domain name, decide on a domain extension, install WordPress and register it. Once that is done, you need to decide what kind of content you want to write. You can choose to keep it all original and informative, or you can decide to create unique content each day that will be unique to your niche. You can even decide if you want to provide free, relevant information to your readers or if you will just be posting links to products you are selling online and using affiliate programs as an extra source of income! You can even go beyond the basics and include video, music, a newsletter, links, photos, and links to your social media sites as a way to capture attention from those who might not have heard of your niche before.

Once you have everything setup and ready to go, you need to drive traffic to your blog. There are two ways to go about this. One, you can get your blog listed in search engines and get it ranked highly enough to receive a lot of traffic from search engines, or two, you can use a traffic generating technique that works for your niche. A great tactic for driving traffic to your blog is to create a backlink to your blog within the text in the article. This is very easy to do and many of my articles have backlinks directly within the article. You can also use articles written by other bloggers that link to your blog within their posts if you wish to drive more traffic to your blog.